Appy Training 2017-18

Sept 20th - Google Basics
Sept 27th - Google Sharing
Oct 4th - Hyperdocs / Presentation
Oct 11th - Google Forms
Oct 18th - Google Drawing
Oct 25th - Schoology Grades/Parents
Nov 9th - Assignments in Schoology
Nov 15th - Putting a Test/Quiz in Schoology
Nov 29th - Media Albums in Schoology

Dec 14th - Connecting Google Account
Jan 4th - Update Section of Schoology
Jan 10th - Organizing Schoology Materials
Jan 17th - Hiding, Publishing & Editing in Schoology
Jan 24th - Mastery Feature of Schoology
Jan 31st - Badges & Attendance in Schoology
Feb 7th - Discussions in Schoology
Feb 13th - Differentiation in Schoology
Feb 21st - Messaging in Schoology
Feb 28th - New Assessment Tools in Schoology
March 8th - Saving to Resources in Schoology
March 15th - Using & Creating Rubrics in Schoology
March 21st - Schoology Groups for Resources
March 28th - Adding Column Grades in Schoology

Appy Trainings 2016-17

Sept 7th - Schoology Basics / Google Basics
Sept 14th - EdPuzzle / YouTube
Sept 21st - Twitter/ Blogs
Sept 28th - Assignments in Schoology
Oct 5th - Tests and Quizzes in Schoology
Oct 12th - Rubrics in Schoology
Nov 2nd - QR Codes / Padlet / Today's Meet 
Nov 9th - Gaming
Nov 30th -  Hyperdocs / Google Slides
Dec 8th -  Screencasts
Dec 15th -  Google Drawing
Jan 19th - 
Jan 25th -  IXL/Spelling City
Feb 1st - AR/Turnitin
Feb 8th - FlipQuiz/Quizlet Live 
April 26th - INFOhio and Google Sites